Locked Out? Forgot your computer password?

All you need is a blank CD or DVD to burn on or a USB stick. Easiest password recovery ever. We help you to password reset your computer for the lowest fee. Our competitors charge from $30 to $100, we charge $19.95! You can use our software on unlimited amount of computers, an unlimited amount of time!

What operating systems can the software unlock?

Our software works on all windows operating systems. Windows NT, Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7!

Watch the video to see how easy it is to use our software!

Don't want to spend too much?

If you take it to the local Computer Repair, its going to cost $70-$100 to unlock and a days worth of time.

Do you want the CD shipped or download INSTANTLY?



Download the software, burn CD and remove password!

NOW ONLY $19.99


We print and ship the CD within 1-3 days. We ship worldwide!

ONLY $19.95 + shipping

After the payment, please activate your membership HERE for instant access.


Kurt Justesen, Minnesota, U.S.

“Great Solution for my parents, they forget the windows password all the time! I was able to help them by phone , not even having to make the travel to do the recovery. Safe and fast service to quickly become connected again over the computer.”


Harriett Ganter, Florida U.S.

“So I bought a new laptop, installing windows 7, didn’t even restarted it for a couple of days, but when I did you can guess what I couldn’t remember. Lucky for me my neighbor helped me, instantly downloaded PC Unlock, reset the password and 5 minutes later I was able to enjoy my laptop once again, thanks!”

Neil Pyburn, Washington U.S.

“I’m not old, but I have pin-codes, login names, screen names, access codes, e-mail passwords and so much more! Once every while some of them slip away, this time my administrator password for my wife’s Pc, and so did she. Found the site, they shipped out the disc and soon enough my wife was happy, and I had one fewer password to worry about!”

Max Dahle, Germany

“I use this bit older pc for backups of my recent work. Finding out I couldn’t remember what the windows password was, kind of got me panicking, with years of work on that. Downloading PC Unlock and recovering my work had me breathing normally again, great service!”



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